How To Sell

Agriculture Marketplace for farmers, distributors, consumers, exporters and importers. This platform is designed to bridge the gap between farmers and all stakeholders. Its intended to create a Farm to Market atmosphere. You can sell straight from your farm or warehouse and post unlimited ADs. Immediately you complete your product listing on, your products goes live and available for millions of buyers to see.


Posting items for sale on AgricNetwork is Absolutely Free!

  • Select SELL NOW on the top right corner of your browser.
  • Create an account on and click your name on the top right corner, a dropdown appears. Select “Dashboard”. Your personal dashboard will be displayed.
  • From your dashboard, click on “Add Products” on the left navigation bar and add the following to complete your product listing:


    • Images: Add images by drag and drop or add product images from your computer. From Phone, click browse now to take a picture or add picture from your phone
    •  Product Type: Choose “Physical” product type for farm products and agricultural equipment or select “Digital” if you are selling agriculture training materials in PDF format
    •  Listing Type: Select one of the four options for you listing type
    •  Category: Select product category and subcategories. Example, Poultry > Chicken > Broiler. Selecting categories and subcategories is important for your products to appear properly when customers are searching our site with product keyword
    •  Title: Enter a short and catchy product title that customers can easily understand. Example: Healthy Day Old Chicken – Over 10k Available
    •  Description: Describe your products in detail. Ads with full details of the product invites more customers to make enquiries. Remember to add Size, Color and Condition.
    •  Stock: This is the quantity of available products you currently have in stock. If your have lots of the item, we suggest increasing this to 1000.
    •  SEO: This section helps our search engine to display your products when customers search. Add one to three words from your product title here. Example: Whole Chicken. Add this to the three fields. 
    • SKU: Click generate and the system will autogenerate a unique code for your product


Terms & Condition: Check the terms form and “Submit